AI for Marketing & Sales

To augment Marketing & Sales performance connecting transparent artificial intelligence, trustworthy data and human business expertise.

Business objectives
  1. Attracting & acquiring more customers

  2. Improve Customer Retention & Loyalty

  3. Increase Customer Life-Time Value

  4. Innovate Market Research generating faster insights from a huge amount of non-conventional data

  5. Spend time on leads who are the most likely to convert

  6. More coordination between Marketing & Sales Departments

AI Solutions and services for marketing & sales

Today there is a great availability of data, it can be obtained from all channels and touchpoints, digital and non-digital, of relationship with users and customers.

The challenge is therefore no longer to have data, but to govern it, integrate it, analyze it, segment it and operate it for different business needs. And a lot of ‘alternative’ digital data can be extracted from sources that are not internal, but external to the company, often unstructured as text, photos, scans and videos.

Until recently, once the data was collected, a great deal of effort followed with repetitive tasks to clean and prepare it. This put a strain on production time, quality and results, and often there was no measurable return on the technological and human investment made.

We believe that the time of data scientists and marketing and sales people is too important to be wasted on activities where the ‘machine’ has become more efficient. Today, at an affordable cost, even for medium-sized companies, data-driven Artificial Intelligence solutions (machine learning, deep learning, Natural Language Processing, …) come to the rescue: they allow us to process infinite amounts of data more quickly, to analyze and classify them accurately, to make predictions, to suggest effective ways of activating them in order to achieve business objectives. It thus increases the intelligence of the final decision-maker, who always remains the business expert, and consequently the final performance.

The importance of Alternative Data

Having access to digital Alternative Data (extracted from social networks, blogs, forums, maps, e-commerce platforms) and AI-based monitoring tools offers several benefits, including:

  1. accessing valuable information often overlooked by competitors
  2. getting fresh and daily updated data as opposed to traditional data that is generated in late reports as early as it is published
  3. cross-checking by comparing different and independent data sources

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