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We aim for people, before numbers.

To make them change the world, through data.

During our merit-based selection process, we evaluate aptitude and motivation before specific skills, because we are truly convinced that those can be improved while you will be working with us.

This is why we invest a significant portion of our turnover to develop and update hard and soft skills of each employee, regardless of their role and seniority.

We value the reasoned error, which must become legacy for the whole company.

We are committed to creating a welcoming work environment every day, based on dialogue, sharing and empathy: a physical and virtual place where every talent can flourish.

We are happy to host you in our offices, but we also encourage remote work: we care about the well-being of each person, and we leave the choice open.

We have developed a common working methodology, obviously based on data, with clear objectives, moments of feedback and open discussion.

We are committed to making each of us grow, with transparent career paths.

We are more than 130 professionals, different in skills and personalities, but on the same path when it comes to doing things together.

We are young, with an average age of 35.

We are half women and half men, and we come from over 10 different countries.

Together, we are this Group.

We let you make the difference.