Machine Learning Model Serving

To help organizations competing in the era of data by developing artificial intelligence applications and models that drive revenue increase or cost decrease along all business functions.

Datrix Area Machine Learning Model Serving
Business objectives
  1. Demand Forecasting

  2. Fraud & Anomaly Detection

  3. IoT Activity detection

  4. Logistics & Warehouse Optimization

  5. Inventory & Partes Optimization

  6. Workforce productivity optimization

Machine learning applications

Customer analysis
CRM clustering, Lifetime value, Churn analysis, Demand forecast

Anomaly detection
Time series analysis, Outlier detection, Noise reduction

Image processing
Medical images pre-processing, Object detection, Object classification, OCR

Natural Language Processing
Entity extraction, Summarisation, Part of speech, Conversational user interface, Document Text classification, Sentiment Analysis Topic discovery and clustering

Predictive Analysis
Time series prediction, Behavior prediction, Intent prediction

Transfer Learning
Correlation between time series

Case histories and insights on 3rdPlace and FinScience websites and on R&D projects page

We develop smart, transparent and scalable data activation and analysis models based on machine learning.

Through data modelling we want to help companies open up new business frontiers and achieve concrete measurable benefits, even just three months after the start of projects. Our experiences go beyond marketing and sales and include the life-science, retail and telecommunications sectors, as well as process efficiency in manufacturing, banking and consumer credit.

We are also convinced that the innovative use of artificial intelligence will remove more and more of the current barriers between industrial sectors and encourage their contamination.

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