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Datrix and L’Oréal Italia: for the fifth year, the collaboration continues for Digital Intelligence & Marketing Science, managed by ByTek


The Datrix Group (EGM Ticker: DATA) has won L’Oréal Italia’s tender for Digital Intelligence & Marketing Science activities: the project will be handled by ByTek, Datrix’s martech company specializing in proprietary Artificial Intelligence software solutions to measure and enhance Marketing performance.

For the 5th consecutive year, the cosmetics industry leader is relying on ByTek for digital and search intelligence on 16 brands and 4 divisions, based on the Search, Data & Editorial pillars, aimed at positioning and optimizing L’Oréal’s Italian digital properties, including Vichy, La Roche-Posay, SkinCeuticals, L’Oréal Paris, Garnier, Maybelline, Tesori di Provenza, Lancôme, Kiehl’s, Biotherm, L’Oréal Professionnel and RedKen.

The strategic verticals on which the project is structured are basically 3: 

  • Market Intelligence, to get a complete picture of the market scenario, from Market Analysis to Marketing Mix Modeling, from interest analysis to conversion analysis;
  • Search Intelligence & Content Strategy, to maximize traffic and positioning through a collection of external search data and internal traffic and visibility data, integrated with Brand priorities; 
  • Data Governance, supporting the technical implementation of tracking with continuous quality checks to ensure the robustness of the data collected.

These verticals are complemented by complementary activities, such as CRO Analysis & A/B testing, AI generated content, and training sessions for L’Oréal teams, in particular Google Analytics training and upskilling sessions on innovative digital issues.

We are proud of this high-level confirmation, which comes in the framework of a 100 percent retention rate over 2021 with as many as 11 out of 15 of the main martech area Clients already confirmed for 2023,” comments Mauro Arte, Co-founder & COO of Datrix.Our ability is to enable complex technologies without this complexity being perceived by the client, who exclusively gets the benefits of the efficiency generated by our solutions.”

Working with a Group like L’Oréal is exciting because it allows us to really innovate together and introduce technology tools to support strategy, such as generative AI really inserted into content strategy, into corporate workflows,” explains Paolo Dello Vicario, CEO of ByTek. In addition, we are focusing on collaborating with brands to leverage first-party and search data to intercept new market opportunities.”