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Nestlé continues to rely on the Datrix Group: its company Bytek will keep carrying on the multi-year collaboration for Italy and Malta

Greta Lomaestro

The Datrix Group has won the tender called by Nestlé Group in Italy for two more years of search marketing and digital intelligence activities on over 30 brands, including Purina, Levissima, San Pellegrino, Nesquik, Meritene, Baci, Nescafè and Starbucks.

The collaboration started in 2013 and for ten years it has focused on two main pillars: the activities of optimizing the digital presence of the Nestlé Group in Italy through a complete search strategy, using AI to shape an impactful content strategy; and the Analytics activities, especially for the transition to GA4 and privacy-related issues managed by ByTek, the martech company of the Datrix Group, together with the central Nestlé team.

During this long-lasting project, ByTek heads at innovation and people: on the one hand, the proprietary technology stack based on software and AI solutions for marketing is essential, and on the other, training activity dedicated to customer teams is also crucial, to encourage updating and deepening on the most relevant topics, such as generative AI and marketing mix modeling.

“We are proud to continue managing a project for such an important client for the tenth year in a row: to carry on the governance of internal and external data on different markets and on many different brands and properties. It is an ongoing challenge for Datrix that keeps measuring up to multinationals in international scenarios, untangling the most complex processes for companies thanks to technologies and methodologies – says Mauro Arte, Co-founder & COO of Datrix – and moreover,  over the last years we have created a really positive professional relationship between the teams.  We are willing to grow together and keep providing Nestlé with the most innovative solutions they wish to adopt”.