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Projects dedicated to Biomedical Research, for prevention, diagnostics and treatment, supporting precision medicine.

In progress

Microscopy and AI

The solution developed by 3rdPlace applies new AI techniques to the study of organoids, to speed up the acquisition of medical images and understand the mechanisms of tissue evolution and repair.

The ultimate goal is to develop ever more sophisticated techniques of personalized medicine.
Thanks to this project, we can overcome the lack of a high-resolution label-free imaging technology, for real-time monitoring of lesions, repairs and regeneration of an engineered cardiac tissue. Combining microscopy and artificial intelligence, researchers can better understand what happens to an organ when it is attacked by a disease, making key physiological and pathological processes observable in humans.

The project has been funded with 3.7 million Euros under the FET Open RIA Programme, which involves 6 institutes including 3rdPlace in 4 different countries (Italy, Norway, Germany, Spain).

In progress

Data-driven vibrational spectroscopy

For this project, 3rdPlace is part of a consortium of 10 partners from Italy, Germany, France and the UK, funded by the European Union and dedicated to develop next-generation microscopes capable of revolutionizing the study of cell origin of diseases.

There are over 5 million Euros allocated for this ambitious project that aims to combine vibrational spectroscopy with the analysis of spectroscopic data through artificial intelligence,in order to obtain a rapid classification of cells or tissues, with unprecedented biomolecular sensitivity. These very high-tech microscopes will provide three-dimensional quantitative maps of the subcellular compartments present in cells and organoids, while a faster data acquisition will allow the observation of intracellular and intercellular changes and dynamics through time-lapse imaging. The project will be able to image inside the body by making an innovative endoscope and applying it to tissue samples.

The project results will have a profound social impact, improving the quality of life of patients and reducing the costs of public health care.

Completed project

Photonics and Nanotechnology

In collaboration with relevant industrial partners and Research Centers including the Politecnico di Milano and the Humanitas Hospital, this project aims to develop new techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of tumors, heart disease and abdominal surgery.

The research is divided into three phases: the development of Raman microscopes for intraoperative histopathology of tumor lesions, the development of fluorescence imaging methods for diagnostics and precision surgery, the formulation of nanocarriers for the controlled release of drugs in the diseased heart.

The project was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund of the Lombardy Region, involving 3rdPlace to work specifically on a medical image analysis model through AI, in order to accurately and promptly identify the presence of tumor tissue.

Starting feb 2023


Sponsored by Horizon Europe, launching in February 2023, Concise has the goal of bringing to market more data-efficient, quality-driven techniques for biomedical optical imaging in biological tissues.

Work is being done to develop low-cost, non-invasive pre-screening solutions with high reliability and accuracy for use in breast and thyroid cancer diagnosis and ischemia detection.


RamApp is a modern hyperspectral imaging toolbox for processing and analysis of diagnostic images.

An intuitive and user-friendly web application to explore Raman maps.




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