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Data-driven solutions for your Ecommerce

Activate the most suitable marketing actions for your customers with AI

Dedicated Ecommerce Solutions

Custom Projects

Personalized Data Modeling activity to answer every business question in a scalable and transparent way, collecting the most relevant data and activating it.


A solution based on alternative data to identify any risk element of the distribution counterparties.

Trend AI

To get relevant information on your trends of interest before competitors, monitor products and services, identify changes in the market demand, and therefore write content on the hot topics.

Retention AI

To understand clients, segment audiences and build customer loyalty, merging the data available on multiple touchpoints and easily integrating different platforms.

Relevanty AI

To enhance your Link Building and Digital PR strategy, with a scalable platform for branded content (companies side) and content monetization (publishers side).

Anomaly AI

To promptly detect critical issues in terms of impressions and clicks on your website, starting from drops registered on Search Console.

To put the customer at the center of the business, for an unforgettable shopping experience.

AI-enhanced customer-centric strategies

  • Track and anticipate user behavior in real time
  • Make shopping experiences more personalized, with dedicated products and services

Take total control of your data and get the most valuable user insights

Exploit the potential of AI to:

  • Increase predictive ability
    Segment users into those likely to buy specific products or subscribe to services
  • Redefine your true target audience
    Acquire more precise information than traditional socio-demographic segmentation
  • Implement data-driven strategies
    Constantly evaluate what is happening inside and outside of Ecommerce, activate customized interactions at every stage of the buying process and maximize sales.With ROI Oriented Advertising Management, you can target your resources only on customers with the biggest potential, intercepting their needs on search engines, presenting the right product at the right time, on the most appropriate channel.

Search, ADV and Data Empowerment: discover how to enhance your funnel

Search, ADV and Data