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Harness the power of artificial intelligence to trigger personalised marketing actions

In 2017, there were 1.66 billion online shoppers.. This number is expected to increase to 2.14 in 2021.

To compete in a global marketit is not enough to have an online store, but it is necessary to move from a “product-centric” to a “customer-centric” approach where the consumer, his expectations and specific characteristics become the central element of the business.

Customer-centric through the advanced use of data and Artificial Itelligence

  • With our e-commerce solution, you can track and anticipate consumer behaviour in real time;
  • Through data and artificial intelligence, you can provide highly personalised products and experiences for your customers.

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Expertise and Technological Solutions for your online store

Partnership Beyond Technology

Our aim is not just to distribute technological solutions, but to provide multi-disciplinary skills to generate results

Actions, not just data

We exploit artificial intelligence to quickly and precisely activate personalised experiences on your online shop

Affordable Costs

Our proposition is linked to a step-by-step project logic where costs are flexible and modular on the basis of specific needs

Online & Offline

We create a consistent experience, purchase path and control across all distribution channels, both physical and digital.

«Thanks to the 3rdPlace team, is now able to profile e-commerce users on the basis of almost 1000 variables and their multiple correlations in order to anticipate their future behaviour»
Maria Josè Castelli – Omnichannel Retail Marketing

In just 3 months, the conversion rate was multiplied by 5 calculating the propensity to buy of users and acting in communication only on those with the greatest intention.

«Datrix is now a strategic partner for the Euronics Group in enabling integration between digital assets and physical distribution with a view to an omni-channel experience»
Emanuela Formicola – Omnichannel Retail Marketing
«I got to know the Datrix Group companies during a course at the Talent Garden in Milan and I immediately appreciated their smart way of working. We work together to design 360° user-centred strategies to enable effective campaigns and site optimisation actions that generate ever-increasing sales performance»
Federica Pieroni – Co-Founder & Marketing Manager

E-commerce solution: the main points