Augmented Analytics

AI solutions for the Telco industry

To increase business performance by making decisions based on integrated data, improve customer intelligence, and identify new market opportunities.

Innovation should not be kept separate from business. Innovation is not a PoC, it is not an experiment.

We don’t do PoC, our group of tech companies develops data-driven Artificial Intelligence solutions in production with immediate benefits, thanks to the accumulated expertise and direct knowledge of the Telco industry.

Data integration to unlock the potential of first-party data

Get a unified, 360-degree view of your customers through analytics, integration and activation of your enterprise data.

Leverage the enormous potential of First-Party Data by gathering data from all business touch points, such as CRM, apps, website and many other physical and digital sources, in one place.

This will allow you to undertake additional data-driven activities, uncover new opportunities to retain your customer base and acquire new customers, reduce churn, and optimize sales and marketing budgets.

Data integration per sbloccare il potenziale dei first-party data
Individua e prevedi i clienti migliori per 5G e fibra

Identify and predict the best customers for 5G and fiber

Use Artificial Intelligence to segment customers and predict the likelihood that they will purchase specific products and services. Segments with a high propensity to buy allow you to quickly activate targeted sales actions, have a better conversion rate and generate more profitability.

You can also automatically categorize your customers based on Life-Time-Value and churn risk.

Make chatbots and all other customer care services intelligent

On chatbots, you can recognize the customer even if they’re not logged in, automatically send them personalized messages based on their browsing data and previous interactions, and automate responses more effectively and quickly.

Bring the value of Artificial Intelligence also on customer care operators’ tools and on new channels such as Telegram, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Inoltre puoi classificare automaticamente i tuoi clienti in base al Life-Time-Value e al rischio churn.
Identifica velocemente nuove opportunità di business

Quickly identify new business opportunities

Get the data you need to decide whether to launch new services, open new stores, identify innovative distribution and promotional channels. Combining your internal data with traditional statistical data and especially with alternative data extracted from search engines, social networks, blogs, forums, e-commerce platforms, maps, you can quickly obtain surveys with a greater and deeper knowledge of markets and B2C or B2B customers to reach.

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Get a complete view of your ESG performance

We analyze the ESG performance of individual companies and their competitors across the board, combining internal data (published by the companies themselves in their sustainability reports) with “alternative” external data (data generated by stakeholders on the web) in order to measure the gap between what is stated and the real perception.

Our solution stands out for: more than 400 indicators related to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), more than 100,000 data sources, weekly updates, sentiment integration, corporate reputation assessment, detection of controversial activities.

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Ottieni una visione completa delle tue performance ESG
Scopri nuovi trend di mercato e il tuo posizionamento rispetto ai competitor

Discover new market trends and your positioning compared to competitors

Thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms, it promptly identifies new market trends using the data made available by search engines. This also allows you to know the perception and positioning of your brand compared to competitors.

This information is essential to design the digital strategies of your company and to successfully manage online advertising activities.

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