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AI Solutions for Telecommunications

To increase business performance, improve customer intelligence and identify new market opportunities, through a data-driven strategy.

Integrated data-driven solutions

Custom Projects

Personalized Data Modeling activity to answer every business question in a scalable and transparent way, collecting the most relevant data and activating them.

ESG Scoring AI

To fully assess corporate ESG commitments, combining internal data with alternative external data, measuring the actual sentiment of stakeholders.

Trend AI

To get relevant information on your trends of interest before competitors, monitor products and services, identify changes in the market demand, and therefore write content on the hot topics.

Retention AI

To understand clients, segment audiences and build customer loyalty, merging the data available on multiple touchpoints and easily integrating different platforms.

Relevanty AI

To enhance your Link Building and Digital PR strategy, with a scalable platform for branded content (companies side) and content monetization (publishers side).

Anomaly AI

To promptly detect critical issues in terms of impressions and clicks on your website, starting from drops registered on Search Console.

Innovation and business are one and the same.

Artificial Intelligence solutions to activate the most relevant data, with immediate benefits, thanks to our team’s expertise and first-hand knowledge of the Telco industry.

For a truly data-driven strategy

  • Unlock the potential of First-Party Data by integrating data from all business touch points to retain your customer base, acquire new customers and optimize budgets.
  • Identify and predict the most important customers for 5G and fiber by segmenting your customers through AI
  • Automatically rank your customers by Life-Time-Value and churn risk. offering customized messages on customer care tools and on Telegram, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp
  • Quickly identify new business opportunities: launching new services and outlets, identifying innovative distribution and promotional channels.
  • Get a complete view of your ESG performance by combining internal data with alternative external data to measure real stakeholder perceptions.
  • Discover new market trends and your positioning against competitors, using data made available by search engines