What we do

We develop sustainable AI-based solutions to grow companies, applying AI in their business to add value and measurability.

AI for business

  • AI does not replace human intelligence but is a synergistic accelerator of it and must be sustainable.
  • AI is intended to optimize work (by performing repetitive tasks, for example), making it more efficient and faster by leveraging existing strengths and the ability to process different data.
  • The large amount of data and the continuous integration of non-standard information sources, drives companies to demand interpretive and application solutions.
  • The adoption of AI in business activities is closely linked to the increasing spread of digital platforms.
  • The focus has shifted from investments in complex technology stacks (with long implementation times) to the demand for smart solutions with a direct and substantial impact on returns (Return on Artificial Intelligence).
  • Companies are abandoning the idea of the innovation lab for AI and are entering a phase of practical use to support different business functions.
  • Thanks to AI we will increasingly see a process of contamination of disciplines, attitudes, methodologies and industries.

Sustainable AI solutions

  • They amplify efficiency, speed, resilience, revenues and savings for companies of all sizes.

  • They aim to create a circular and inclusive data economy that also rewards those who consent to the use of their information.

  • Data, processes and value are transparent to all stakeholders (no “black boxes”).

  • They are all compliant with the EU Privacy Regulation (GDPR).

  • We use sustainable, agile, flexible and scalable infrastructure such as cloud to optimize resources and reduce waste.

  • We aim to reach and ensure that our client companies achieve SDGs Goals promoted by United Nations.

What data we use

Our unique value proposition comes from the structuring in our data lake and from the activation with proprietary algorithms of data with different nature and structure.

data lake

The latest generation technological environment on which the solutions of the Datrix Group are based falls into 3 pillars:

  1. Automated ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process through which data from different sources is collected
  2. Storage in a single scalable Data Lake to standardize all collected data
  3. Execute various types of augmented analytics through Artificial Intelligence (machine-learning, deep learning, NLP, …) and proprietary indicators and methodologies

According to the market, our distinctive traits are

  • methodological approach and execution times,
  • capacity to master innovative and modular technologies,
  • deep understanding of data monetization models and techniques,
  • high quality partners and top management,
  • digital experience in various industries,
  • innovative attitude through the Alternative Data,
  • expertise to identify and select the so-called weak signals,
  • output scalability.

Companies choose us to increase their ability to understand data and operate it

Our Manifesto

We operate beside national and international clients companies accompanying them along their data-driven growth path. We have grown from 20 active customers in 2010 to 300 in 2020.

We have always worked with big companies but we also love medium enterprises that want to choose a data-driven transformation and growth (thanks to the cloud and our solutions there are both technological and economical conditions to do it).

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