AI for Fintech

To help financial services to extract/distill valuable information in an innovative whay through AI-based technologies and alternative non-conventional data.

Business objectives
  1. Generate new investment ideas integrating traditional financial data with alternative data

  2. Improve portfolio diversity with thematic investments

  3. Identify emerging risk factors and measure if/how users opinions might affect financial outputs

  4. Improve, simplify, and speed up the processes and decisions of financial organizations (e.g. credit scoring, document analysis, ...)

AI Solutions for fintech

We combine the worlds of Finance and Data Science through Augmented Analytics solutions applied to Investing and Banking.

Using technologies based on Artificial Intelligence, we synthesise the molecule of Alternative Data to monitor specific companies or securities or phenomena, identify trends before they explode, make stock selection and consequently improve the actions of Asset Management, Wealth Management, ESG Management, evolved private investors.

Alternative Data are extracted from unstructured public content (because they are born as texts, images, … ) collected on the Web in near real time with Natural Language Processing, Topic Modeling, Computer Vision, Entity Recognition techniques, in particular from social networks, blogs, forums, search engines, e-commerce platforms, maps.

We analyse, interpret, weight and transform Alternative Data into numbers, time series, indicators and scores. We also highlight and follow over time weak signals that have the potential to become strong in the financial field by virtue of the historical authority of the source – not necessarily financial – from which they originated. We make Alternative Data and related metrics available through information solutions or advanced monitoring with alerting systems, or we use them to create investment models and strategies based on specific client needs (in this case our quantitative team combines alternative data with traditional data such as financial statements, half-yearly reports and stock market variables).

Just as the demand for hybrids is growing in the automotive sector and renewable energies are becoming more and more important, so too in the valuation of listed securities, companies and sectors, alternative digital data is now to be considered among the ‘fundamentals’ alongside traditional data. Covid has certainly been an accelerator, it has made everything more digital and everyone – including the financial markets – more digitally aware.

The importance of Alternative Data

Having access to digital Alternative Data (extracted from social networks, blogs, forums, maps, e-commerce platforms) and AI-based monitoring tools offers several benefits, including:

  1. accessing valuable information often overlooked by competitors
  2. getting fresh and daily updated data as opposed to traditional data that is generated in late reports as early as it is published
  3. cross-checking by comparing different and independent data sources

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