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ESG and risk assessment scoring

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Area ESG

Area ESG

We assess the impact of esg policies on individual companies and/or sectors by integrating alternative data to that stated in sustainability reports/reports
Applications areas
  • Support for unlisted companies to integrate sustainability-related evaluation factors
  • Development and management of an action plan with prioritisation of actions to improve the company’s positioning on ESG issues
Key factors
  • Integrated approach

    Solution that combines the analysis of internal company data (e.g. sustainability reports) with data from the digital world (social media, reviews, forums) to enable a 360° assessment of ESG issues

  • Digital knowledge applied to finance sector

    Every day we collect more than 1 terabyte of alternative digital data from different sources (news, forums, social media, reviews, blogs, etc.).

  • Micro score

    Elements allowing to measure the level of internal compliance and external perception with respect to each single underlying sub-factor of the ESG world (e.g. micro-score on “carbon emission” of the “Environment” category)

Area Investment

Investment Area

We integrate Alternative Data solutions into asset specialist structures to support both investment monitoring and the generation of new opportunities.
Applications areas
  • Thematic investing
  • Stock picking
Key factors
  • Digital knowledge applied to finance

    We collect more than 1 terabyte of alternative digital data every day from various sources (news, forums, social media, reviews, blogs, and more)

  • Informational advantage

    We use artificial intelligence and human expertise to detect hidden information and signals in data, before they become mainstream

  • Real-time updates

    We enable automatic alert systems to keep you up to date with changes in the digital popularity and sentiment of the stocks we monitor, as well as to receive suggestions of new opportunities to watch out for.

Area Credit

Area Credit

We innovate credit risk assessment using artificial intelligence
Applications areas
  • Credit risk assessment for SMEs and real estate funds
  • Sector analysis and identification of non-standard emerging sectors
Key factors
  • Credit score

    Application of machine learning algorithms to the analysis of financial data from traditional sources (e.g. balance sheets, quarterly, half-yearly reports, public databases)

  • Digital risk factor

    Digital identity card of companies and sectors to measure the degree of digital transformation and online presence of a company or sector

  • Geographical risk factor

    Assessment of the demographic aspect of the area in which the farm is located (e.g. is it close to seismic or hydrogeological risk zones).

  • Social risk factor

    Through sentiment analysis, we measure the impact of ongoing or emerging crises on individual companies, sectors or specific geographic areas (e.g. increased bankruptcies, crime, poverty).

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

We optimise internal document searching, classification and reading by exploiting artificial intelligence-based solutions.
Applications areas
  • Legal
  • Communication
  • Investor Relation
  • Accounting / Finance
Key factors
Area Customer acquisition

Customer acquisition area

We generate new customers thanks to proprietary solutions that start with the analysis of internal and external data and end with the prioritisation of appointments required in the branch
Applications areas

Support for traditional market research
Ideal solution for launching new products/services and opening up new markets

Key factors
  • We identify emerging trends

    We analyse the needs and requirements expressed by users online

  • We build micro-targets

    Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to activate the best channels and the right ways to reach them

  • We identify the best leads

    The analysis of user behavioural data on digital properties provides information on the lead’s interests, which is then assigned a score that allows us to prioritise the contact.

 Area customer retention

Customer retention area

We increase the retention rate of the existing customer base by identifying the highest value segments where cross & up-selling actions can be activated
Applications areas

Enable the network to sell new products to customers with a greater propensity to buy

Key factors
  • Predictive intelligence

    Advanced machine learning techniques allow you to predict the future actions of each customer by analysing their purchase history, behaviours, characteristics and more.

  • Automatic customer segmentation

    Customers with similar characteristics are segmented so that higher value customers can be activated through specific marketing and communication actions.

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