Augmented Analytics

AI solutions for publishers and bloggers

A team of experts and AI-based technologies to support publishers in achieving strategic goals.

A new scenario for online publishing

The upcoming blocking of third party cookies will mean that publishers will have to find ways to distinguish themselves with first party data – collected by the company through its own digital and non-digital channels – meeting both the security needs of their users/customer readers and advertisers’ demands for transparency, brand safety and performance.

First party data can only express its full potential if it is correctly analysed and integrated.

The all-in solution for digital publishers

Constant monitoring of data and performance

Your website statistics are essential because they are one of the pillars on which your business is based. This is why it is important for you to have your data under control at all times so that you can intervene quickly if necessary and, above all, appear interesting to new partners.

With our solution for publishers and bloggers, you have a team of Data Analytics Experts at your disposal to provide you with strategic information thanks to a service that combines strategy and implementation of tracking with customised dashboards for rapid performance consultation.

Controllo costante dei dati e delle performance
Individuazione immediata dei trend on-line tramite AI

Immediate identification of online trends using AI

Thanks to our proprietary technology, based on Artificial Intelligence, we are able to identify search engine trends in real time, giving you timely warning of the topics you should be writing about.

All the data collected is easily accessible in a single dashboard, making it easy to read and allowing you to quickly identify the information you need.

In addition, you can take advantage of the advice of a team of SEO specialists to better set up the platform or receive qualified support to improve your online strategy.

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Increased monetization of advertising space

Our AI-based technology enables publishers and bloggers to transform visitor behaviour data into hyper-profiled audiences based on their characteristics, interests and propensity to buy.

This allows them to increase inventory RPM, better monetising digital properties through targeted advertising actions.

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Maggiore monetizzazione degli spazi pubblicitari
Azioni di marketing personalizzate

Customized marketing actions

By linking navigation data from your website with information from your CRM, you can gain a better understanding of your customers and know in advance which ones will subscribe to your services and which ones are likely to leave.

This information will allow you to implement personalized marketing actions throughout the customer journey.