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AI solutions for publishing

Dedicated Publisher technologies and tools to build an insight-driven strategy.

The scenario changes, the solutions evolve

In the Cookieless Era, content publishers must rely on first party data to continue to achieve their goals.

Discover the solution that best fits your strategy to keep your content relevant: harness the full potential of first party data, while complying with new privacy regulations and ensuring advertisers the same standards of brand safety, transparency and performance.

Integrated, scalable and intuitive solutions.

Custom Projects

Personalized Data Modeling activity to answer every business question in a scalable and transparent way, collecting the most relevant data and activating it.


To create and distribute digital publications with a branded mobile app, through full-stack DIY digital publishing software.


To engage your audience and increase revenues by offering relevant content, via Google and Amazon smart speakers.


To collect and normalize data from various demand and analytics sources in a single, transparent dashboard.


To manage header bidding with an easy to implement but high performance solution, featuring plug-and-play compatibility across every site.


To monitor reports on Ads behavior, Bidding info, Bad Ads tracking, CMP monitoring, and more, with a single Console.


To connect publishers to the leading identity service providers, thereby attracting the premium campaigns and higher CPMs.

Trend AI

To get relevant information on your trends of interest before competitors, monitor products and services, identify changes in the market demand, and therefore write content on the hot topics.

Relevanty AI

To enhance your Link Building and Digital PR strategy, with a scalable platform for branded content (companies side) and content monetization (publishers side).

Anomaly AI

To promptly detect critical issues in terms of impressions and clicks on your website, starting from responses registered on Search Console.

Proprietary Data and Alternative Data: Even more value, together.


The all-in solution for digital publishers

An integrated approach that allows you to get the best out of your content, to remain a point of reference for your readers and potential new partners.

  • Constant monitoring of data and performance
  • Immediate detection of online trends via AI
  • Increased monetisation of advertising space
  • Customized marketing actions